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5 Fluids That You Can Check in Your Car

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If you neglect checking your car fluids, it can mean spending some serious money on repairs. Checking your cars fluids on your own doesn’t have to be intimidating, here we will show you 5 fluids that you can check on your own.

5 Car Fluids That You Can Check

1. Oil

Probably the most basic of the fluids to check as well as the most important one. Your engine oil is what keeps your motor running smoothly. If you neglect checking your oil, you can do serious damage to your engine. Follow these steps to check your oil:

  • Turn engine off and wait 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Remove the dip-stick (this sits in the middle of your engine, check owners manual if you cannot find it).
  • Clean the end of the stick with a rag and place back.
  • Pull out a final time and check the end for the level of your oil.

2. Windshield Fluid

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Keeping your visibility clear is very important. As winter comes around, you may find yourself using your windshield wiper fluid more often. Make sure to check and refill as much as needed, being stranded without it could cause an accident. You can find this usually at the bottom left of your engine, it will have a blue or black cap.

3. Coolant

Next to oil, this is the most critical fluid. This is what keeps your engine from overheating, if you let it overheat you will cause irreversible damage. You can find the location of your coolant tank in your owners manual, make sure the coolant is topped up (use the coolant type specified in your manual).

4. Brake Fluid

If your brakes and starting to feel funny, it could be a low coolant issue. Locate your brake fluid reservoir (owners manual) and have a peak inside. If it’s low, top it off, usually with DOT 5 fluid. You want to change this fluid about every 50k miles or so.

5. Power Steering Fluid

Assuming your car is from this century, you have power steering. It’s important to check this fluid because it it gets too low, you can damage your power steering pump and have an accident. Located the reservoir and pull the dip stick out, top it off if it’s low with the right power steering fluid.

These are all important fluids to check, if you are looking to store your car, give us a call. Before your store it, check out this great car storage guide.

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