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How to Live with a Roommate

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Living with someone else besides a significant other comes about because either the cost of living alone is too great, or they’re simply isn’t any single housing available in the area. Either way, living with a roommate can be a tiring process. Stop and Store Dillsburg has some great tips to help you out and keep your sanity.

Living With A Roommate

The best way to stay sane is to have open and honest communication about the things that bother you.

Respect Quiet Timequiet, roommate

It’s the mid-term season and you’re trying to study, but it’s hard with all that music and partying going on. This is often a situation that people living with each other face. Peace and quiet are something that both roommates are going to need at some point. Partying is going to happen, we aren’t saying don’t do it, but be respectful when you do. Make sure to give notice if you are going to have friends over.


Get to know the schedule of the other person. Maybe they have a job or classes at a certain time. You can make this an advantage when trying to plan things that involve the place you two live. Theoretically, you could totally avoid the other person most days if your timing is right and they aren’t a hermit.

pets, roommate, alonePets

For the love of all that is good, disclose any pets you may be bringing before you move. Most likely there will be rules regarding pets, but sometimes people just assume they will be warned beforehand. Some people don’t like animals or are allergic, so be courteous and warn potential roommate of other living things you plan to bring.

What’s Mine is Mine

Being roommates doesn’t mean you have to share everything. Having boundaries on what is communal and what is not is important. The easiest way to settle this, keep everything you don’t want to be shared in your room. Everything else is fair game. This is a major source of frustration for a lot of people.

Groceriesgrocery, roommate

This is a tough one. Everyone has dietary needs and they might be different. Having a shared grocery bill may sound like a good idea, but once you learn your roommate likes dairy-free, gluten-free products, while you like burgers and pop things will go south. Keep groceries separate and have dedicated cabinets for each other where you can store your items.

Be Clean

Don’t be a slob. Your roommate isn’t your mother and them certainty shouldn’t have to clean up after you. By far the quickest way to end a friendship is to be dirty. Clean up after yourself and you will be just fine.

Living with a roommate isn’t easy, and if you are tight on space, come down to Stop and Store Dillsburg, we have great student discounts on self storage.

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