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September 14, 2018
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Treasure Finds at Self Storage Auctions

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Self Storage Auctions attract many people.  Most are routine but then…..

Self Storage Auctions – Success Stories

storage wars, door, auctionEdmonton Success Story

One lady bought a unit in Edmonton Alberta filled high with tidy cardboard boxes. After winning the bid she found they were all comic books and she made over $50,000. Sometimes it really does pay to bid on self storage units.

Diamonds Found at Self Storage Auctioncash, gold, bills

At another auction, the man found diamonds: “In the back of a drawer in a busted up old dresser, I found a small box with three rings in it. The first ring a seven-diamonds cluster with a gold band, valued at $2000. The second ring had 4 baguette diamonds and a 14kt gold band, worth $2200. The third ring had a gold band valued at $750.00. I paid $400.00 for the locker. Oh yes… these lockers do exist!” – PETROSK

Real Pirate Treasure

The winner of this auction walked away with $500,000 in gold doubloons, silver Spanish coins and few silver and gold bars. He paid about $1100 for the contents of the unit, so he certainly came out ahead. We’ve read about a lot of valuable things turning up in abandoned storage, but actual treasure-chest material is a new one. – StorageFront


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