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March 5, 2020

Family Storage Tips

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Having a family can be a very busy and time-consuming thing. One problem many families have is having the proper storage space. The home can quickly become cluttered and full of things that we never use. RT15 Self Storage is here to help busy families with 8 storage tips.

Family Storage Tips

1. Re-use containers

You don’t need to have brand new containers for storage. You don’t need speciality containers to store items, look around the home and grab anything that has a lid and is currently not being used. It’s now a DIY storage container.

2. Label

It’s easy to lose track of where you put things. You throw some things into a box and in two months you can’t remember what is where. It’s a common theme with us, label everything and keep it consistent.

3. Ice Cube Trays

Every family has that junk drawer, but how do you keep it organized? Use some old ice cube trays to sort the small items inside the drawer, needles, buttons, screws, pins, the possibilities are endless.

4. Storage Organizers

Hang storage organizers on the back of each door in every room, this is where you can put the small items for the room and de-clutter some space.

5. Plastic Shower Rings

Use these little rings to hold everything from scarves to tea towels, even belts can be hung from these handy rings.

6. Under the Bed

Use the space under the beds for storage containers, out of sight and organized is the best way to go.

7. Shelving

You can add shelving everywhere, add some more shelves to your closets to hold more items and keep that valuable floor space.

8. Use RT15 Storage!

Use RT15 Storage to store any other items that you can’t find room for. We can store items big or small and we have great rates. Ready to use Self Storage? Call RT15 Storage today!
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