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Home-brewers? Store Your Equipment Right

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We love a good home brew. Home-brewers can now use self storage to store all their equipment, your family will thank you. Equipment used in home brew can be quite smelly, but self storage is here to save you. Just store it right.

Storage Tips for Home-brewers

Hooks, always

Hooks are very much under appreciated. They help to keep things off the ground like spoons, thermometers, canes and brushes. Every good home-brewer knows that sanitation is the most important part of any good brew, hooks help immensely with keeping things clean.


You can start to see a theme here, off the ground. Using shelving to store larger items like fermented,. Keeping your fermenters off the ground keep the dust, bugs and anyone from knocking them over. You can buy some cheap plastic shelving from any home store and place them inside your storage unit for just this reason. It also helps things stay neat.


If you are planning on storing raw ingredients inside your storage unit, you need a climate controlled unit. These are very temperature sensitive and can spoil very easily if not taken care of properly. It is also very important if you are planning to store your finished beer for a long time, we have a great guide on beer storage as well.


If there is one thing we can assure, if you follow this list you will have the most organized unit on the lot. Grab some filing cabinets and use those for bottle storage. Each compartment can be a different type of beer, one can even hold some beer accessories. If you plan to bottle in your unit, make sure that the door is open, beer can be very stinky. Always make sure to get permission before starting your own beer company in our units.




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