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June 28, 2018
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August 14, 2018

How to Store Beer Forever

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Tons of people making their own beer. Some say it’s the only way that you can enjoy beer. Whichever way you think, one thing is the same, the way you store beer. While it may sound simple, there is a lot that goes into storing beer properly. Let RT15 Storage give you the rundown on how to store your beer.

How to Store Beer Right

The Right Type

Not all beer can be stored for a long time. You have to determine how your beer was bottled. If it was carbonated with gas during bottling, or if it was conditioned (carbonated) in the bottle. If you plan to age your beer, it was to be conditioned in the bottle. The main difference is that conditioning in the bottle allows for the carbonation to last a whole while longer. Know your beer.

The Place

Choose where to store your beer is very important. The thing about making your own beer is the smell can be quite overwhelming. Your family might not be too happy about you storing your beer at home. We suggest getting a storage unit. This way you can control the temperature and have your own little space away from home where you can enjoy the beer making process.

A Dark Place

Sunlight kills beer, if you store beer where an UV rays can get to it, it will go bad fast. You know your beer is bad when you open it up and take a whiff and it smells sour or “off”. In fact, beer is stored in brown bottles because the dark color reflects the UV rays of the sun.

Upright or Sideways?

If you have read our wine storage tips, you know that when storing wine you are supposed to store it sideways. This is because the wine makes a seal with the cork. With beer, if the beer is capped, either plastic or metal, you should store it upright. If the beer is corked, just like wine, store it sideways.

Now you know the basics of storing beer, we hope this seasons brew turns out great.

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