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The Best Packing Tips

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Continuing from our earlier post about how to pack moving boxes, we will move onto the Best Packing Tips, this comes from the experience of being a self storage company for many years. We are proud to serve the community of Dillsburg, Pennsylvania.

Best Packing Tips

Dry the Wet

Anything that has moisture MUST be dried before storage. Mould and mildew love dark and damp places, do not make your storage unit one. The biggest culprits are freezers and fridges.

Wrap Up

Any fragile items should be wrapped individually before storage. This will do two things, protect them from damage when moving, and keep your items from the damaging effects of moisture.


Wrap items such as paintings and mirrors and make sure to store them in an upright position. Lying them flat invites someone to unknowingly step on your painting, ruining it forever.

Original Boxes

If you, like us, like to keep the boxes for items you bought, especially electronics, use them! These boxes are designed to keep your electronics safe and secure, plus it saves space!

Create a Plan

Before you just start randomly filling your storage unit with boxes, draw a plan out of what is going to go where big large and rarely needed/used items in the back. Small, frequently used items in the front. It helps to group used items together so you are not digging through boxes.

Oil is your Friend

Metal rusts, that’s just a fact, and if you are a contractor or tradesmen, your tools are your life. So how do you prevent rust? Wipe each metal tool with a bit of mineral oil before you store them for a long time. Oil inhibits rust and when you take your tools out they will be just as you left them.

Keep these tips in your back pocket for when you need to move into storage. Contact RT15 Storage Dillsburg today for great deals on self storage.




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